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The Service Dominant Strategy Canvas

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Lüftenegger, E.R., Grefen, P.W.P.J. & Weisleder, C.A. (2012). The service dominant strategy canvas : defining and visualizing a service dominant strategy through the traditional strategic lens.BETA publicatie : working papers No. 383, Eindhoven: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 50 pp.

Abstract: Service orientation, customer focus and collaboration between firms are changing the way of doing business. Marketing scholars are the first academics to conceptualize these changes under a new mindset, known as the service dominant logic. We observe a direct relationship between the service dominant logic and cross-organizational information systems. However, the service dominant logic is difficult to communicate and operationalize. Man- agement constructs are needed to apply the service dominant logic to the busi- ness environment. Strategy is the first management construct that we need for the business development of the service dominant logic. Currently, there are few works on the service dominant logic at strategic level. In this report, we present a structured definition of a service dominant strategy by taking these emerging works and confronting them with the traditional strategies taught at business schools. We make a projection of the identified strategic statements of the service dominant logic to organize them and make some conclusions. We contribute to the development of the service science at strategic level, by presenting a management tool that facilitates the design of service dominant strategies.

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Egon Lüftenegger