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PhD, service and business models

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

An interesting quote of Jim Sphorer and Paul Maglio on PhDs, service and business models:

“Q: what new types of PhDs might be needed to build a world-class, corporate services research organization?


A quick survey of the PhDs within IBM’s services division revealed a three-way split among technology, business-related, and social science PhDs.

Also, it was clear that the existing research organization was dominated by technology PhDs. For a research organization focused on technology systems, the shift to services would require a shift toward innovation aimed at improving sociotechnical business systems.

For example, nowadays clients rarely buy an IT system simply because of its technical capabilities (faster, more capacity, etc.) but instead require a business model (return on investment) and an organizational change model (reengineered processes and job roles) that will make the technology an effective solution to their business problems.” Jim Sphorer and Paul Maglio