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Nine Inch Nails is Music 2.0

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Trent Reznor is an entrepreneur and tech savy guy. He is trying to take the jump from the traditional record business model to the Digital music market where the artist take the control. His first try was a record of Saul Williams. The users were able to download the album free or pay for higher quality of the digital copies of the album. This only was a test to know the behavior of the consumers.

With Ghost, the Trent Reznor’s approach is different. He only gives free one pice of the album as MP3 file. Then he charges for the complete album with many format options. But the real deal comes with the premium versions. Trent sold out (the first day on line) the 2500 copies of the deluxe version at 300 dollars each . Making 1.6 Million dollars (donwloads and orders) within a week.

Now he is releasing an interesting proyect at youtube with user generated content that eventually will be used as visuals for a (one time) live performance of the ghost album (I expect that later will be released as bluray).